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M.S. Jurusalem Virus This is a HARMLESS virus

Do not panick this is a Harmless Virus <<< Press any key to continue >>

Do not worry this virus is designed to avoide making any damage to your files. A free Virus remover will be send to computer Magazines:by then 30th of oct 1992 So they can supply to coustomers. This is a demonstration of what a Palestinian Boy can do. It is made by one of these Palestinians who are suffering every day in their own homes because they don`t want to leave these homes. It is the most unfair situation in the world, it is a crime which the West has committed long time ago and still committing it until now under the name of PEACE. Look at the Israelis, Western and Arabic governments. They are criminals who talks about peace and freedom but they never allow them and here are the Palestinians nation in Israel standing in their land fighting for their own rights no matter what happens while U.S.A., Europe and some of the Arabic nations supporting the Israelis to fight and finish this small nation whom Jesus was one of them and after all this they call them selfs Christians. It is Very easy to see this truth just wake up and remember that one day you and your nationIare going to stand in front of the Creator of this world to be judged on what you and your country did to the innocent people. There is a lot a person can do to help a nation at least by supporting this nation. It is very easy to such a virus to destroy your data but this is not the manners of a good Palestinian. Our soul is light our heart is white our mind is bright and we will always be the same no matter what we go through. Signature: A Palestinian teenager. Sorry for interrupting your work

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