Энциклопедия компьютерных вирусов


При старте обходит каталоги дисков A: и C: и поражает в них не более 10 .EXE-файлов. После заражения файлов ищет .DBF-файлы и что-то записывает в них (укорачивает их?). Содержит строки: "C:\*.", "C: \", "C:\*.EXE", "\*.EXE", "C:\*.DBF", "\*.DBF", "A:\*.EXE", "A:\", "Runtime error at". Вместо запуска файла выдает одну из фраз:

Error in EXE file File cannot be copied onto itself Compare OK Invalid Volume ID Format failure Incorrect DOS version Please put a new disk into drive A: End of input file END OF WORKTIME. TURN SYSTEM OFF! Divide Overflow Water detect in Co-processor I am hungry! Insert HAMBURGER into drive A: NO SMOKING, PLEASE! Thanks. Don't beat me !! Don't drink and drive. Another cup of cofee ? OH, YES! Can you fuck me ? Maybe ... Coca-Cola is it ! What about ? Oh, yes. O.K. TODAY Missing VGA! Call (209) 683-6858 ! Attention! Hard Disk is RADIOACTIVE! I'm so much dirty! CLEAN ME! Kiss my ... keyboard! Hard Disk's head has been destroyed. Can you borow me your one? Missing light magenta ribbon in printer! In case mistake, call GHOST BUSTERS Insert tractor toilet paper into printer. Are you funny? Keep smiling! Warning! In drive A: are two diskettes. Warning! Your mouse has some virus! Disconnect your mouse, there are some cats! I don't understand you. Can you repeat it? West Lake Software and Data Research, WA 0108077, New Orleans, (c) 1986

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