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SLAM VIRUS TEAM (c)1997 Kid Chaos Production

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@}---`---,--- Diana Tribute @}---`---,--- press any key to continue...

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@}---`---,--- Lady Di Tribute by Kid Chaos [SLAM] @}---`---,---

@}---`---,--- Goodbye England's rose; @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- may you ever grow in our hearts. @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- You were the grace that placed itself @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- where lives were torn apart @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- You called out to our country, @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- and you whispered to those in pain. @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- Now you belong to heaven, @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- and the stars spell out your name. @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- And it sems to me you lived your life @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- like a candle in the wind; @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- never fading with the sunset @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- when the rain set in @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- And your footsteps will always fall here, @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- along England's greenest hills; @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- your candle's burned out Long before @}---`---,--- @}---`---,--- your legend ever will @}---`---,---

In memory of Diana Spencer (1961-97)

Содержание  Назад  Вперед

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